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Liquid beta « Abnormal Returns | Binary Options

5:31 AM 3/16/2007

Reading Liquid beta « Abnormal Returns – identifies the extent in which capital is deployed. Greater technology and increased liquidity promote a more sophisticated culture. Naturally, this feeds on itself. The greater the intricacies between the components of liquidity and production, the greater the financial risk. Markets occupy larger spaces with varying density. Financial tools arise to balance the atmosphere between investment and production.


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Sponsored Link Products (SLPs)

capitalism_small_your_ad_here.PNG (Update 2/13/09) Advertisements = Structured Link Products. Business = persistence. Sales = Dynamic. The service component of business is ubiquity. This is where the Link component of the SLP comes into play. From here, the sponsor becomes the object of transfer, based upon open marketplace principles. (From 3/11/2007) TOS views elaborate advertising (adsense, click-throughs, etc.) as unprofessional. This site discourages promotion which falls under the the TOS. However, this site’s resources are limited and will only continue under a form of “quasi-donations”. Therefore, quality sponsorship is offered on this site. Any submissions will require prior approval from

BOP offers the placement one a Image Ad in the upper right-hand sidebar. Sponsors are encouraged to bid on this spot to help support the continuation of research of binary options on Sponsors are able to bid upon placement of their offerings under this ad, including placements of their services/products in blogrolls, categories and RSS feeds listed in the sidebar of this web site. Purely offensive promotional web sites will be ignored.

The BOP ad placements are considered Sponsored Link Products (SLPs). Visit SLP for more information.

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The information contained in this web site is compiled for the convenience of  site visitors and is furnished without responsibility for accuracy and is accepted  by the site visitor on the condition that errors or omissions shall not be made the basis for any claim, demand or cause for action. The Binary Options Program, identified as  (BOP) web site contains examples designed to foster better understanding of EUR/USD cash, futures, EUR/USD binary options traded on and EUR/USD European-Style FX option transactions. Site visitors are advised, however, that brokerage fees and commissions are not included in the examples and that  margin levels are subject to exchange rules. Contact a broker for fee and commission information and current margin requirements. Trading under the BOP is governed  by specific rules and regulations as set forth in the Exchange rules governed by, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and These rules are subject to change. The information and data in the web site was  obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its accuracy. Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed, herein constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of any cash, futures or options contract.

External Links:  Please be aware that some of the sites that you may link to from this site are not part of the BOP Web site. Since the material made available on a linked site is not under the control of BOP, BOP makes no representation to you about any such site or the products, services and other material you may find there. The fact that BOP has provided you with a link to a third party site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation as to the products, services or other information contained on such site or otherwise furnished by the sponsor of any such site. The link to any third party site is provided by BOP only as a convenience to you. Neither BOP, nor its subsidiaries, nor its or their respective officers, directors, members, employees, or agents shall be liable to any person, including, but not limited to, a member of BOP, for any losses, damages, costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages) related to the use of a web-site to which BOP provides a link. The foregoing shall apply regardless of whether a claim arises in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise.

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Site Terminology

BINE – Binary Option. Often written and “bine”.
BOP or “The Program” – The daily management steps undertaken to remove risk from currency trades using binary options on
CME – Chicago Merchanile Exchange
CL – Consensus Levels from Research/Institutionals entities identifying the EST-Time-based support / resistance levels. CLs are manipulated to fit BOP support/resistance levels. You’ll see some of the Categories, RSS feeds and the Blogroll in the sidebar identified in a (XXXX) acronym fashion. These are CL sources. XXXX represents the first four characters of the name of the CL. (e.g. MELL for Mellon Bank)
GO – Globex Option
HCP – Notation for a Hedgestreet Currency Pair [CURRENCY PAIR |-| CASHPRICE / |-| HS BINARY STRIKE EXPIRATION TIME]  The establishment of a binary position againt the underlying cash to achieve some effect. The quotes’ structure enables a visual and future programmable purpose.. 
EUR/USD -3010/3000-10AM = 

EUR/USD – Currency Pair
-3010 – Short the Cash Price at EUR/USD $1.3010
3000 = Strike Price at 3000
10am – Expires at 10am

HE – Horizon Event – the time leading up to and terminating at an economic news announcement
HS – Hedgestreet exchange or for 1 unit of a Hedgestreet contract (“Hedgelette”)
ITM – In-the-Money: The options time premium plus its current contract value at expiration.
OTM – Out-of-The-Money: The option’s time premium minus its contract value at expiration.
SLP – Sponsored Link Product – use advertising revenue as a hedge instrument. Email binaryoptions at yahoo dot com.
VIX – refers to general volatility, not the VIX index itself.
WIP – Work-In-Progress – BOP applications under development.

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Introduction to The Binary Options Program (BOP)

Binary Options are currency binary option instruments for FX traded currencies on This blog (“the Blog”) is provided as a “program”. Its currently focused on the EUR/USD Binary. The audience for the Program is intended for financial engineers (hedge fund managers, institutions, currency specialists, prop shop participants). Normally there is confidence that the Program will suit the needs of this profession. The Program is market neutral, merely identifying highly probable trades regardless of the economic environment. The Program uses binaries in conjunction with widely published levels of support and resistance to identify trades in cash.  

The Program follow some general principles:

Observation #1: Long-term indications preceding a market event risk (i.e. economic figure announcements – a “Horizon Event” (HE) forms. These promote support and resistance levels. After the HE passes, new support and resistance levels are calculated by the market. It is up to the individual where to apply their own indicators before and after these HEs. Usually, if after the HEs, the S or Rs are broken, they are either to cover cash-stop losses that are not closed, or to capture a VIX point. (see below)

Obervation #2: The probability is larger for wider VIX sessions to lead into Small VIX in later sessions. (A typical strategy is long OTM binaries against short ITM binaries). This takes advantage of depreciating time value on end-of-day binaries and locks profits against cash positions early-in-day.

Timing of The Program: Due to the increased risk using BOP, the program normally takes positions first in FX cash, then HS, then cash again. If cash achieves pre-determined profit targets, moving stops are employed and new positions are considered. After X amount of Time (a “horizion loss”), binaries are sold or purchased in order to exit the underlying cash position at a net profit of both positions, or move the stop-loss lower than the binary support or resistance. This is done normally a low VIX, news-absent environment. If net is negative at the binary’s expiration, BOP pairs the cash loss against the appropriate European-Style CME Globex put and call around the corresponding currency’s near-term futures, structured around the loss. (Long Put X > Price Loss < Long Call X) These losses are subsidized by gains in the CME and/or gains in the binaries

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