Profitsee – Future Economic Surivival

Divinations in Forex, Commodities and Economic Patterns


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4/15/09:  This blog represents an ongoing resource project in “economic survival”. As a means to achieve this, this blog’s objective is to identify trends in economic sectors, emerging economies and currencies; strategies which offer the best solution to “financial survival”.

5/15/09:  This blog is a work-in-progress, as my time is limited due to work and other obligations. The goal of this site is to pick up where I left off, but draw out the relationships between prices and touch and no-touch options (binary options) using carry-trade currencies against USD. The reason I choose Oanda is due to her market’s accessiblity, interface, and usability. I’ll be reling upon a low-VIX non-news time frame where lower-layer information (“true” market information) subsists. 

EUR/USD Binary Options anticipates price ranges and long term trends of EUR/USD. Financial products, strategies and markets exist to trade binaries. had taken the concept of binary options to the general public. Now, the standardization of small time currency markets, greater liquidity, and other factors, I revised this blog to account for a binary application/philosophy to the EUR/USD without the cost associated with binary option contracts. Other markets will be reviewed under the transactions of web site Sponsors (under the Sponsor Link Product). A secondary goal of this blog is to establish a simple Euro-for-Oil Swap contract with a local gas station to the needs of an individual. For example, the buyer contracts to buy gas at X-US or X-Eur, whichever is higher, while maintaining an opposition position in a EUR/USD account. More on this later.


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