Profitsee – Future Economic Surivival

Divinations in Forex, Commodities and Economic Patterns

MAJO’s Table 3/16

3:40 AM 3/19/2007majo316.PNG 
S1’s highest support level , 3286, was surpassd at 5am, so the s1bine was calcuated at 3300. As expected, this 3300 level held in the 2 and 4pm session. The time premiums would have been high to compensate for such a low VIX.  Also, because all the news happened after 8:30 AM, one could of assumed the real R1 was achieved at 10am, since it was in R1 territory, thus selling the 12 noon 3325 bines. Another strategy would have entailed buying at anytime since the EUR was coming off S1 from Europe to NY sessions and selling OTM VIX, since it was going that direction, and it was going to dry up. 


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