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DST and and sad customer service

My Oanda charts were all 1 hour behind DST. First the fix is presented, then the customer service chat (All of these are IMAGES just placed vertically.



Sad Customer Service Part

info: Please wait for an agent to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘OANDA’
OANDA: Thank you for choosing OANDA. How may I help you?
chris: Good morning, can you see my graphs on your end? The DST change has not been completed. The graphs are still an hour behind
OANDA: The platform adjust according to the time of your computer.
OANDA: You may need to change the time zone on your computer.
chris: the time on my computer is showing the correct time, and the zone is correct as well. I’ve also cleared my browser caches, shut down explorer and shut down my computer, restarted and re-logged in. I’ve sent a screenprint to
OANDA: I understand.
chris: Am I the the only customer to report this issue?
OANDA: Unfortunately the time of the platform is the time that is reflected on your computer.
OANDA: There is nothing we can do on our end in regards to that.
chris: Thanks
OANDA: You are welcome!


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One Response

  1. bill henslee says:

    Well, that’s just great. I have the same problem. I’m using XP Pro and IE6.

    The time shown on the platform didn’t change to match my computer’s time.

    I’ve also disconnected and rebooted.

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