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Sponsored Link Products (SLPs)

capitalism_small_your_ad_here.PNG (Update 2/13/09) Advertisements = Structured Link Products. Business = persistence. Sales = Dynamic. The service component of business is ubiquity. This is where the Link component of the SLP comes into play. From here, the sponsor becomes the object of transfer, based upon open marketplace principles. (From 3/11/2007) TOS views elaborate advertising (adsense, click-throughs, etc.) as unprofessional. This site discourages promotion which falls under the the TOS. However, this site’s resources are limited and will only continue under a form of “quasi-donations”. Therefore, quality sponsorship is offered on this site. Any submissions will require prior approval from

BOP offers the placement one a Image Ad in the upper right-hand sidebar. Sponsors are encouraged to bid on this spot to help support the continuation of research of binary options on Sponsors are able to bid upon placement of their offerings under this ad, including placements of their services/products in blogrolls, categories and RSS feeds listed in the sidebar of this web site. Purely offensive promotional web sites will be ignored.

The BOP ad placements are considered Sponsored Link Products (SLPs). Visit SLP for more information.


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