Profitsee – Future Economic Surivival

Divinations in Forex, Commodities and Economic Patterns

Site Terminology

BINE – Binary Option. Often written and “bine”.
BOP or “The Program” – The daily management steps undertaken to remove risk from currency trades using binary options on
CME – Chicago Merchanile Exchange
CL – Consensus Levels from Research/Institutionals entities identifying the EST-Time-based support / resistance levels. CLs are manipulated to fit BOP support/resistance levels. You’ll see some of the Categories, RSS feeds and the Blogroll in the sidebar identified in a (XXXX) acronym fashion. These are CL sources. XXXX represents the first four characters of the name of the CL. (e.g. MELL for Mellon Bank)
GO – Globex Option
HCP – Notation for a Hedgestreet Currency Pair [CURRENCY PAIR |-| CASHPRICE / |-| HS BINARY STRIKE EXPIRATION TIME]  The establishment of a binary position againt the underlying cash to achieve some effect. The quotes’ structure enables a visual and future programmable purpose.. 
EUR/USD -3010/3000-10AM = 

EUR/USD – Currency Pair
-3010 – Short the Cash Price at EUR/USD $1.3010
3000 = Strike Price at 3000
10am – Expires at 10am

HE – Horizon Event – the time leading up to and terminating at an economic news announcement
HS – Hedgestreet exchange or for 1 unit of a Hedgestreet contract (“Hedgelette”)
ITM – In-the-Money: The options time premium plus its current contract value at expiration.
OTM – Out-of-The-Money: The option’s time premium minus its contract value at expiration.
SLP – Sponsored Link Product – use advertising revenue as a hedge instrument. Email binaryoptions at yahoo dot com.
VIX – refers to general volatility, not the VIX index itself.
WIP – Work-In-Progress – BOP applications under development.


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